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Juxi Leitner juxi.leitner at gmail.com
Fr Mär 2 10:13:27 CET 2007

okay I like that! reply to all seems to be the way, although I might
usually forget about that =)

but hey glad it works!

BTW: r u a pro with mailman? I'm having trouble installing it with
Lighttpd :) so if you could help me I'd really appreciate it ;)

Pirate Party of Austria

On 3/2/07, Rickard Olsson <richie at webhackande.se> wrote:
> Juxi Leitner | Piraten Partei Österreichs wrote:
> > how?
> I was testing to see if I could get mailman to respond, while I was
> installing it. I'm glad to see that it works and that more people are
> signing up for the list. :-)
> BTW, the list is currently set up so regular replies goes to the sender,
> not to the list. Florian (and I) can change that in the list's admin
> settings if you so choose. To reply to the list now, the procedure is to
> "reply to all" and then remove the sender's address from the To: field.
> / Richie
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