[pp.int.general] CCTV reports (at last!)

Amelia Andersdotter teirdes at gmail.com
Thu Aug 9 01:05:10 CEST 2007

Two reports on presumed efficiency of CCTV in the UK. The first report
is from 2005, the second one is at least published after 2000. It
would seem that all the criminological reports or any investigations
made on this topic comes directly from Home Office, since most
independent institutes I've been able to locate are currently without

If anyone would like to negate no-independent institutes I would feel
more at ease. However, I've abstracted some parts from each of these


1st paragraph 6: Conclusions:
"It would be easy to conclude from the information presented in this
report that CCTV is not effective: the majority of the schemes
evaluated did not reduce crime and even where there was a reduction
this was mostly not due to CCTV; nor did CCTV schemes make people feel
safer, much less change their behaviour. That, however, would be too
simplistic a conclusion, and for several reasons."

EDIT: http://www.crimereduction.gov.uk/cctv/cctv33.pdf

page 44-45:
"Results compared to the schemes objectives
Certainly from a politician's point of view regardless of
methodological loopholes Gillingham, as a town with CCTV, witnessed a
35 % reduction in crime over a five year period and Strood without
CCTV a minimal 0.05 % reduction. Anyone involved with the scheme will
herald results like these as making it a success however 'success' was
defined by the GSCP as:

A 25 % reduction in criminal damage, a 15 % reduction of assaults and
disturbances, a 40 % reduction of car crime and six arrests within the
first six months for drug dealing. (GSCP, 1996)

The following table, table 7, shows percentages for the crimes cited
in the GSCP bid:

[Tabell 7]

Table 7 demonstrates that none of the GSCP target were actually met (...)"


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