[pp.int.general] The 3 C's

Andrew Norton andrew.norton at pirate-party.us
Sat Dec 1 18:33:26 CET 2007

Ok people, there's a flurry of new laws, position, potential laws, statements and so on around the world right now. This could be considered a 'pivotal point' for our struggles. We need to concentrate, therefore, on the three C's:

COMMUNICATION - with each other
COOPERATION - between members of the different parties
COMMUNICATION - between the parties, and the media and citizens.

We have all these funky 'new' methods of communication - Ims, IRC, email - and yet most of us don't seem to be using it to the full. We need to work on things to make things work better. Myself, and a member of the duthc party spent an hour or so yesterday working with the 'main' french party over what's gone on there, in IRC. It wasn't as big a success as we'd hoped, but it's something to work from. I'd like to propose then, a monthly meeting of representatives from each national party, online, in whatever medium is most acceptable (although it seems the options are limited to IRC, Skype, and maybe mumble). The aim is to keep everyone informed of whats going on, giving others ideas we can work on and adapt for ourselves.

I'd also suggest that we really need someone who just works fulltime on ppi, keeping contact lists of the national party officials, coordinating and leading these meetings, and encouraging the spread and formation of national parties.

We are all in this together, globally. We need to work that way better too.

Andrew Norton

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