[pp.int.general] (formal) worldwide pirate comitte

Florian Hufsky florian.hufsky at ppoe.or.at
Thu May 24 17:43:41 CEST 2007

> Well, i think it's true that a mailing list is more dinamic, but it  
> is also more chaotic and for people without much knowledge of this,  
> more difficult to find old information. So i'd resolve to keep the  
> subforums for the countries who are yet starting and use this  
> mailing list for the international communications.

Still.. for the established members we don't need a forum the  
mailinglist is way more convenient. At least if it's kept low- 
traffic. Today is kind of a special day.

For people interested in starting pirate parties we should have a  
(wiki?)page with information how to do that and people to talk to. If  
someone would post now in the forum it would pass by unnoticed.

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