[pp.int.general] New law in france

Helmut Pozimski helmutpozimski at web.de
Sat Nov 3 20:03:21 CET 2007

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Valentin Villenave schrieb:
> You have no idea how much, here, the Sarkozy circus is doing great in
> preventing people to think and take the time to realize what's going
> on. His strategy has always been to distract people by doing a dozen
> things a day, and the large media (TV channels, etc) are thankful to
> him for making their jobs easier : no time to reflect, no time to
> criticize
That's bad. It reminds me of Berluscony in Italy.
> Oh yes, we're definitely interested in doing international press
> releases.
Ok, then let's just get started! I propose to make an English version
first and translate it to French german and as many languages as
possible. Could you provide us with more information about the law?
Any site with information about it would be nice.

Of course everyone who wants to help is welcome. I will also ask on
our mailing lists for help. I think at least gulli.com (a big file
sharing platform in Germany), heise (It-related publishing house) some
other file sharing sites will publish it if we do it right. Just
contact me or Andrew via Jabber or meet us in #ppi on irc.piratpartiet.se
> P.S. As for P2P bundles, there seems to be some kind of a conscensus
> here about the corrected file I submitted a couple weeks ago; so I
> think you can go ahead.
Great. I published your corrected file on our homepage and asked in
the French forum about adding something about the new law.
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