[pp.int.general] press release on the new law in France

Helmut Pozimski helmutpozimski at web.de
Wed Nov 7 12:42:26 CET 2007

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I cleaned the draft a bit up. I removed the old-italics version, if
you still need it, have a look at the wiki history. There are still
some things I don't like much and some things that are unclear.

The term "copyright mafia" might be correct from our point of view but
it is politically incorrect, I think we shouldn't use it. "Darkness"
still sounds a bit "Lord of the rings"-like but I don't know a better
word at the moment.

Who is the leader of the French pirates and does he agree with the
quotation? Could you (French pirates) please verify the information in
the draft? Just to be sure we are not releasing anything wrong.

Except of that I really like the current draft and I hope we can
finish it today so that we can release it in German, French and
English till Friday. Are there other  pirates who could translate it
to the language of their country after it is finished? I think these
three are the most important at the moment but the more we have the

Helmut aka Hoshpak
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