[pp.int.general] press release on the new law in France

Valentin Villenave v.villenave at gmail.com
Wed Nov 7 14:11:24 CET 2007

2007/11/7, Helmut Pozimski <helmutpozimski at web.de>:
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Helllo guys,

sorry to join the discussion so late. I have been spending some time
working on a good cause (the GNU software I'm involved in), and didn't
have the time to really answer.

> I cleaned the draft a bit up. I removed the old-italics version, if
> you still need it, have a look at the wiki history. There are still
> some things I don't like much and some things that are unclear.

First of all, many, many thanks to you guys for being so cooperative.
We Parti Pirate people are used to getting everything done by
ourselves (or not done at all), so I have to say it's really a relief
to see that there's life out there :)

The first draft was already great, it's just getting better.

> The term "copyright mafia" might be correct from our point of view but
> it is politically incorrect, I think we shouldn't use it. "Darkness"
> still sounds a bit "Lord of the rings"-like but I don't know a better
> word at the moment.

I have nothing wrong with being pollitically incorrect. Hell, we're
Pirate Party; people *expect* us to be rude and combattive. That
should even contribute to our image: a bunch of dedicated, cool guys.
But you're in charge here: it's your call.

(As for me, the "mafia" thing made me quite laugh when I first read it)

> Who is the leader of the French pirates and does he agree with the
> quotation? Could you (French pirates) please verify the information in
> the draft? Just to be sure we are not releasing anything wrong.

We do *not* have a leader. We did once, and it went just wrong.
Florian Lauté and myself have been here for a longer time than the
others, and do spend more time working for the Parti pirate than the
others, that's as much legitimacy as we can get.

> Except of that I really like the current draft and I hope we can
> finish it today so that we can release it in German, French and
> English till Friday. Are there other  pirates who could translate it
> to the language of their country after it is finished? I think these
> three are the most important at the moment but the more we have the
> better.

Will do the translating. I do like the text, and so do every people
I've asked. The only thing I wanted to add (but it would require some
time, which is why I didn't want to join the discussion whithout
having the time to come up with something concrete) was some precise
facts, dates, quotes etc. A bit like you did (amazing job by the way)
with legifrance and senat.fr, but maybe in a more "scientifical" way.

For example, I was thinking about translating and suming up the following page:

But, as we don't want our text to be 2 kilometers long, I do not think
this would be relevant anymore.

So I fully agree with the text as it is now.

Great job, and thanks again!


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