[pp.int.general] Next European meeting in germany

Jan Huwald jh at sotun.de
Thu Nov 15 11:54:57 CET 2007


I have set up a first wiki page to gather the votes on the date (and later: 
generally coordinate the meeting):


Please select there wich dates to meet you prefer.


Am Dienstag, 13. November 2007 15:23:35 schrieb Jens Seipenbusch:
> Dear pirates,
> in Vienna we decided to meet end of this year in germany in order to
> stay in a roughly 6-monthly periodicity for the meetings on our way to
> eruopean parliament.
> We want to settle a date for this meeting now, but we propose to not
> meet in december this year, but one month later so we have enough time
> for preparation.
> So we want to offer the following 3 weekends in order to make a fast
> decision here on the list, so that the most people are able to attend
> this meeting:
> We could meet either on
> 19./20. 2008
> or on 26./27.2008
> or on 2./3.2.2008
> in Berlin.
> Everybody with an idea where an how to raise funds for this meeting is
> welcome to contact me.
> Wiki-page with infos will follow asap.
> regards and plz send your preferences as reply on the list,
> Jens Seipenbusch
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> Jens Seipenbusch
> Vorsitzender/chairman
> Piratenpartei Deutschland
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