[pp.int.general] Statement. The dastardly attacks on the freedom of speech.

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Thu Apr 10 19:20:18 CEST 2008

The dastardly attacks on the freedom of speech.

During the past three days the official website of Russian Movement
"Pirate Union - League for the creative freedom" www.pirateparty.ru
suffer from continuous massive hackers' attacks.

Activists saw it as an attack on freedom expression and opinion. It's
an attempt to silence those who are concerned about the violation of
civil rights. We raise a voice in defence the constitutional rights of
citizens to privacy. We are against the rule of transnational
corporations in the economy. It is not like very, very many of our
enemies. But the enemy has no intellectual capital and no rational
arguments to justify his position. He prefers to hang labels and insults.
Many people remember the recent brutal beating of the leader of
"POP-REVOLUTION" in connection with his public activities
(See: http://www.fontanka.ru/2008/01/21/115/).
18-year-old poet Artyom Suslov then came to the hospital for an entire
week. And now a new blow to the movement ...

Revitalization of our movement, and large-scale action of
"POP-REVOLUTION on 2 May at Malaya Sadovaya Street in St. Petersburg
probably very concerned about our detractors. They are strong. On
their side is the enormous money, power and influence, and most
importantly - passivity and apathy of the people.
On our side - that sometimes less tactically, but always wins
strategically - the force of truth.

Currently, we are working to rebuild www.pirateparty.ru We will make
that information and propaganda of our movement will be in a non-stop

The Commission for the preparation of the
Constituent Convent OD "SP-LTS"

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