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De: Reinier Bakels <r.bakels at planet.nl>
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  > I have written a lot of text into the Wiki at: http://int.piratenpartei.de/Levies_Questionnaire
> But now we must make the next step. PLEASE HELP! The answer is due within a WEEK from now!

Indeed, we need to close the text as soon as possible -setting the date for a meeting is up to you, though it would be better choosing monday or tuesday, to have time enough for translations.

> Many of the factual questions are hard to answer however. The idea of a Wiki for the international PP community was to
> allow everyone to enter the information for his own country, but so far that only happened for Denmark, Spain, and my
> country, The Netherlands. But I found that even for your own country, it is virtually infeasible to contribute all the
> requested numbers. In NL, levies are collected by a separate organisation, but the redistribution is by numerous
> collective rights societies (I counted 12) who all have their own policy. So my fellow Wiki writer (Carlos?) who used the
> work "opaque" a number of times is VERY right, I am afraid. As I noted before, perhaps we should not even try to
> duplicate the work of the levy collecting organisation - who surely will respond to this questionaire as well.

That's a huge problem, as almost any data is given to us by governments: they only ask us to pay.

Thus, in the questions you comment, Reinier, instead of not giving any answer, we can complain about this reality -for instance, EC uses in the questionnaire statistics given by GESAC, the european association of RMOs (in some cases and in spite of the lack of national examples commented by Reinier ... would have been needed that other pirate parties, specially French Parti Pirate who is suffering SACEM mobbing, have given their own data); it causes the EC to give the questionnaire and its background paper so much bias ...-.

> Another issue worth while to investigate is that the levy society (Stichting Thuiskopie) suffers from major problems to
> pay all the money it collected to rights owners. They had so much cash remaining that they even considered to return
> some money to the media manufacturers, which in turn was easier said than done. These problems are also subject of
> increased parlamentary scrutiny, and yet other bodies were estblished to oversee "Stichting Thuiskopie". It would be
> interesting to know whether similar problems exist in other countries. If other levy collecting societies have a similarly
> shady reputation, THAT IS NEWS TOO!

Do you know Luis Cobos? Recently it was discovered that the RMO where he's the Chairman has 41 million € of unpaid levies. So that RMO manage those quantities, investing them, obtaining interests and ... since 1996 Spanish RMOs haven't been audited -so nothing is known about what happens with such a huge amount of cash-.

Cobos' RMO is not the biggest, nor the richest Spanish RMO. Imagine what would may be happening with SGAE, the biggest one. Regards,

                                                                                      Carlos Ayala
                                                                                      ( Aiarakoa )

                                                              Partido Pirata National Board's Chairman

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