[pp.int.general] Lissabon Treaty: very bad news

Arend Lammertink lamare at tuks.nl
Wed Apr 23 09:08:51 CEST 2008

Mirco da Silva schreef:
> ya ho,pirates.
>> This is very, very serious IMHO.
> Of course it is.
> Its sucks, right,.but this are not really news, as its written down  
> since the times of the so called "montan union" (e.u. version 0.1)
> We are facing now what the 2nd WW brought to the western civilisation.
> These unions (african, asian, northern and south american, too) are just 
> federal units of a global empire run by corporate fascists.
> Yes, the nazis did not loose the war, they just changed the variables.
> So, how we´ve got to handle it?

First of all, we're gonna have to stop this new treaty, which means 
minimally *one* EU country will have to reject the ratification of this. 
Best changes would be Ireland, because these at least have a referendum, 
but in other countries there's always the parliament. Second best 
chances would be The Netherlands and France, since their population 
already said "No" to basically the exact same shit.

Most important thing to do is to create awareness. Organise protests and 
write to your parliamentarians. When you write to your parliament, 
probably it is best to write to the chairman of relevant parlementarian 
commitees or something, because that makes your letter (at least in The 
Netherlands) an official letter that has to be treated by the committee.


-- Arend --

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