[pp.int.general] where is the manifesto?

Rick Falkvinge (Piratpartiet) rick at piratpartiet.se
Sun Dec 28 20:17:04 CET 2008

> No. Actually the analogy helps to clarify my point. Assume someone
> gets a licence from the city of Berlin (where I am currently) to
> operate a bar in street X house number Y for the coming 10 years. Then
> this gentlemen starts making investments - he has the right for this
> address, so he believes he can be sure the investment is protected.
> Imagine that the city council after two years says: we have made up
> our mind, and we discontinue your licence. Not because we have any
> complaints, but because we simply decided to do so. THAT is not
> allowed, at least not without due compensation.
This was actually the exact argument used against the abolition of slavery.

Slavery was abolished anyway, as it was considered a violation of human
rights and not in society's best interest.

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