[pp.int.general] ESF - details in writing

Amelia Andersdotter teirdes at gmail.com
Tue Jul 1 03:08:25 CEST 2008

2008/7/1 Carlos Ayala <aiarakoa at yahoo.es>:
> Before further commenting, of course there is no problem in attending ESF.
> The problem may be what would the attendants do there -specially if they act
> in the name (?) of PPI-:

I'm not sure. What would the attendants _want_ to do? A social forum
is only interesting if the participants make it so. Some ideas are to
talk to people visiting the forum, mingle with pirates, visit other
workshops or talks, enjoy cultural events or hand out information
material to passers by.

>> So the unique Pirate Parties can not participate, which is why the
>> _network_ of international Pirate Parties are. As a
>> network, we're an interest group.
> And who is gonna attend representing PPI? Which agenda will those people
> bring there?

You tell me. Personally, I've been hoping as many people as possible
(including Spanish pirates) will represent the PPI, and if for some
reason people can't or wont do that, I'll worry about it later. :)

>> I am currently hoping that we will be able to co-operate with a few
>> Hungarians (their proposal was Cyberdemocracy)
>> and the Greens (whose proposal for seminar was file-sharing)
> So, while you despise liquid democracy for non-core issues -you just defend
> to surrender to a current parliamentary group in non-core issues, and to
> submit civic groups to that group instead of us hearing them-, are you
> talking about cyberdemocracy?

Yes. Especially considering the liquid democracy discussions,
cyberdemocracy would be an especially interesting seminar for us to
co-operate with. But the proposal for a talk on cyberdemcracy doesn't
originate in the Swedish pirate party. The proposal comes from the
Hungarian Social Forum, and I am currently investigating co-operation
with them.

If you, Carlos, would like to take an active part in merging the
Hungarian Cyberdemocracy activity with ours, I'll forward you some
more stuff I've had from the Hungarians. Maybe you or someone else
from Spain could consider being a Pirate representative for discussion
on that theme, if the Hungarians end up agreeing to co-operate with

I have written this before, but again:  if you are participating as,
say, a speaker, it will probably, plausibly be a high priority to
subsidize journeys as well as accomodation and food.


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