[pp.int.general] Pirate Manifesto Reloaded / Next online meeting scheduled

Anton Tamminen anton.tamminen at piraattipuolue.fi
Fri Jul 4 14:01:40 CEST 2008

To whom it may concern;

The next PPI IRC meeting is scheduled to be held Thursday the 10th of 
July at 18:00 UTC on PirateNet (for eg. irc.piratpartiet.se or 
irc.piraattipuolue.fi) on the channel #PPI . We would be pleased to see 
representatives of as many parties as possible there.

We made a lot of progress yesterday, and I believe we have gained new 
forward momentum in the manifesto project as well as achieved an 
improved atmosphere for international co-operation, probably in delight 
of members of this mailing list :)

18:00 UTC corresponds to the following :
20:00 Central European Summer Time
21:00 Eastern European Summer Time

Anton Tamminen
International Secretary, Member of the Board
Piraattipuolue - The Pirate Party, Finland

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