[pp.int.general] http://www.pp-international.net/forum/index.php crashes now

Bastian noews.pp at derdeutsche.net
Mon Jul 7 15:50:44 CEST 2008


did you do anything, i see no failure anymore.

I'm one of the admin of the forum, but haven't so much time.

We need some moderator or co-admins, for example delete the SPAM.

On the Website we have the same problem with less manpower.

Bastian aka NoEwS


Bitte beachte, dass dem Gesetz zur Vorratsdatenspeicherung zufolge
jeder elektronische Kontakt mit mir sechs Monate lang gespeichert

Please note that according to the German law on data retention,
information on every electronic information exchange with me is
retained for a period of six months.


"Freedom is not a gift of heaven, you have to fight for it every day" (Simon Wiesenthal, 1908-2005)

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