[pp.int.general] [fnf2008] Request for Participation - European Action Day "Freedom Not Fear 2008"

Ricardo Cristof Remmert-Fontes rcrf at vorratsdatenspeicherung.de
Mon Jul 28 10:07:24 CEST 2008


pascal cohet schrieb:
> Quoting "Florian Altherr" <florian at vorratsdatenspeicherung.de>:
>> Hi Carlos,
>> of course it's not too late. It's really great that you are supporting
>> the international action day! Do you know of other or did you maybe
>> already contact other privacy organisations from spain to join you?
> Great, we were also looking for contacts in Spain:
> You can contact pablo de soto :
> pdesoto at wewearsbuildings.cc (estrecho.indymedia.org, medialabs  
> Seveilla Barcelona, giss.tv,hackitectura.net).
> What about internautas.org? ( David Gómez cci at internautas.org)

David is basically informed and already planning, I suppose. I CC'd him

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