[pp.int.general] Polish ex Prime Minister: internet surfers only drink beer and watch porn

Arkadiusz Wójcik arkadiusz.wojcik at partiapiratow.org.pl
Sun Mar 16 01:55:19 CET 2008

Hi guys!
   Chairman of one big polish party - PiS - said last time, that people
which are using the internet are only drinking beer and watching porn all
day long. So we couldnt miss such great chance to represent
internet-surfers' opinion.

We've put a post on our website and sent it to thejournalists. Few hours
later we were nicely surprised..... there was following news on the main
page of the definitely biggest polish website.



(headline)Training proposition for the PiS chariman
    The Jaroslaw Kaczynski's words about internet surfers watching porn and
drinking beer have casued commonly indignation. Polish users of the internet
have decided to react and they want to make a training for the ex Prime
Minister in the range of using the internet.

    - I'm not an enthusiast of that young human can sit in the front of a
computer, watch movies, pornography, drink slowly beer and vote, when he'd
like to - said during an interview for the website pis.org.pl Jaroslaw

    On that accusation have reacted representatives of the Polish Pirate
Party, which aim is adjusting law to new technologies and supporting
development of the information society. Party has been working since 2006
year and has been registred at the end of November 2007.

    <B>Jaroslaw Kaczynski invited to training about internet</B>

    According to the Pirate Party, "to prevent next irresposible and
violating people's self-respect statements of PiS chairman, Board has
decided to delegate one member to ex Prime Minister's disposal, in order to
do the training, which will bring him closer the essence and the rules of
world wide web's working".

    "we belive, that chairman of PiS will be interested in our proposal and
let introduce him to the realities of the XXI century" - we can read in
Pirate Party postulate.

Arek Wójcik
Polish Pirate Party
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