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Thanx for the helpful comments and analysis. I could not agree more with you.

Oh yes, I fully agree that the "why" question should be answered first. Lawyers will explain to you that any new publication is subject to copyright. But that is the world upside down. If something is reasonable, it may become law, but if something is law, that does not imply it is reasonable! Thats is Eichmann logic.

There is a basic philosophical flaw in the opinions you quote. The idea "if it has value for you, you must pay for it" is WRONG, as you point out. Copyright is there to foster information and culture exchange (well, I must admit that this is really the American utilitarian perspective, while the continental European droit d'auteur philosophy starts from the interest of the author).

Verelendung is the "operational" counterpart of "reductio ad absurdum". While the latter is a philosophical concept, Verelendung is an action strategy (Elend = misery): strongly advocate something you are opposed against in order to show it leads to a situation everyone agrees it is absurd. An actual Verelendung strategy may not be advisable, it really is a kind of "don't try this at home" action (dangerous), but it could definitely be helpful as a thought experiment.     
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