[pp.int.general] new campaign

Andrew Norton andrew.norton at pirate-party.us
Fri Mar 28 19:06:09 CET 2008

just something I thought I'd throw out there, since it might come up, in
some way at the meeting in an hour.

Thinking about starting a campaign here in the US (and when I say
thinking, i mean, I've been thinking about it the last day or so, not
put it to any of the other US party members yet) called something like
"put up or shut up"

Basically, its a campaign against unfounded claims. We have all seen
claims published by various interest groups, without supporting data,
and often the politicians take it at face value. I think the MPAA's LEK
study of 05 is a great example of this in the US. The aim of the
campaign is that data, sources and methodologies are to be made public
to back up such claims, (the 'put up') or they shouldn't make them (the
'shut up')

This can work with the levies claims and its data (or lack of it). It's
a catchy name, in english, dunno about other languages, but I'm sure you
have similar idioms.

See you in an hour

server irc.piratpartiet.se or irc.pvz.pp.se
channel #ppi

See you there.


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