[pp.int.general] Press Release: Member of German Pirate Party raided

Andreas Popp andreas.popp at gmx.de
Wed Sep 17 17:08:41 CEST 2008

Rick Falkvinge (Piratpartiet) schrieb:
> If you could give more details to this list, that would be great, as we
> can expect media attention.
> Rick

Ok, here we go (Pardon my english if, I don't have time to crossread
right now):

In january one of our members (I don't know who and I don't want to know
^^) got ahold of an internal paper of the Bavarian departmen of justice.
For everyone who does not know, Germany is a federal state, Bavaria is
the biggest state in squaremeters und second biggest in population.
Governed by a single conservative party which had more than 50%  of
votes in parliament elecetions since the end of WWII. This party is
known for it's highly authorical style of government.

There was evidence in this paper, that the Bavarian authorities were
already using trojans for infiltration of private PCs (in this case
Skype-Surveillance and Man-In-The-Middle-Attacks to break
SSL-Encryption), but the law to allow such surveillance is still in
dispute, as it was back than. In Summer the German Constituional Court
broke a simular law of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. We published
this paper on our website, got some attention, but could not confirm its

On Thursday the person responsible for writing this article on our
website (our press spokesman) got woken at 5:45 AM by several police
officers who threatend seize all his PCs and storage sevices if he would
not cooperate. Reason for the court's seizing order wer investigation
against "unknown" because of "breaking of official state secrets". Since
the person raided did not have any information about the leaker nothing
was taken, which IMHO shows, that the investigators knew about that and
that this raid was only a try to intimidate us, who published the paper.

Furthermore a server of another party member, hosted in Bavaria was
seized. It seems if there were also trails leeding to him, but I am not
sure, but it happend on friday, one day after the raid of our press
spokesman, so we are nearly sure, that the same investigators were
responsible. This server is encrypted though, so there is no big chance
they might get anything, even IF there is anything on it (again I don't
know an really don't want to know, to not be the next one raided^^).

Further questions? go ahed :)


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