[pp.int.general] Chairman of the pirates speaks!

Glenn Kerbein glenn.kerbein at pirate-party.us
Thu Apr 2 03:35:39 CEST 2009

Dear fellow pirates,
	Andrew Norton, of former PPUS infamy, was recently interviewed by an
individual at WNYU in New York. The show in which the interview airs,
entitled "The Doppler Effect," aired last night (Tuesday, March 31). I
have yet to hear it personally.
	You can download the show here:
http://wnyu.org/2009-03-31_dopplereffect . The only format offered is
MP3, I wished they published in FLAC; I'd settle for Ogg.
Glenn "Channel6" Kerbein
Pirate Party of the United States
"Burn, Hollywood, Burn"

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