[pp.int.general] Resignation as Partido Pirata international spokesperson

Valentin Villenave v.villenave at gmail.com
Thu Apr 9 21:47:57 CEST 2009

2009/4/9 Carlos Ayala Vargas <aiarakoa at yahoo.es>:
> I agree with the opportunity of having French folks reporting on HADOPI
> news; however, Rick is the last person entitled to make any sort of complain
> about that, and only will be entitled to after making his duty on reporting
> on Swedish news.

Hi Carlos,

well this decisions is yours but I certainly hope to see you around in
the future!

As far as I'm concerned, I understand what could lead Rick to have a
brighter vision about the French situation than we do, and therefore I
cannot blame him for asking about our role in such a situation. Unlike
us, he may not have experienced similar situations in the past where
we got terribly excited over good news (such as P2P legalization by
our parliament), and afterwards awfully disappointed because the
government has the ability to make any law get validated, or prevent
any law they don't want.

As you said, PPI is potentially a most exciting thing, but "domestic
issues" need to be addressed as well. I think none of us can ever be
blamed for choosing any priority, since we're all in different
I admire what has been done in Sweden and we'd be thrilled to achieve
such a thing with our own Party; getting votes may be important, but
in a country like ours, where there are literally tons of
semi-political organizations, all divided and angry, pedagogy is
important too; working with artists and medias as we do, is also, on a
long-term perpective, worthwhile.

This reminds me of many discussions we've had within our Party: a huge
number of members resignated out of bitterness and frustration over
the first months; then, after a few months, some of them would come
back, while others wouldn't, while others would start a new Pirate
Party to overthrow us (happened more than once). If anything, I've
learned that you can never know for sure whether something is a
dead-end or not; by keeping together and remaining calm and patient,
you often see unexpected things happen, sometimes in a good way.

I think we have something big to build, so let's not get ahead or
ourselves. My fellow co-pirates say I'm annoying, but nevertheless I
may be the only one of us who never ever said: "that's it, I quit".
Instead of being 100% enthusiastic one week then 100% discouraged the
other week, I prefer to keep it 50-50 :-)

Anyway, thanks for your contribution here; although in a much more
passionate way than most of us, you certainly made our movement live,
and led us to know each other a lot better!

See you,

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