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coretx coretx at piratenpartij.nl
Wed Aug 5 03:54:38 CEST 2009

I just got hosting finished. A decent CRM system is what we need a.s.a.p
Right now, it's even impossible to reach all pp chairman's and/or  
press officers.
And therefore, also impossible to present serious declarations.
If everyone reading this would fill out the forms @ the int wiki, it  
would provide a jump start. ( ... )

Also, PPNL is willing to provide a free VOIP service ( SIP )with  
future kickback capability's.  ( Already up&running )
Hosted at a relatively big ISP, managed by a pirate that is also  
responsible for creating physical taps
for our intelligence agency's / government. In other words: Discretion  

On Aug 4, 2009, at 11:36 PM, Andrew Norton wrote:

>> But please remember that even though the conferences have been quite
>> open there is no guarantee that all (or any) national parties will  
>> adopt
>> any ideas or texts coming from the conference. One example is the
>> Uppsala declaration (about EU-Parliament strategy) from the Uppsala
>> conference that all conference participants agreed too: This text was
>> strongly rejected by an EU PP that did not attend the conference.
> Actually, if I remember correctly, it was rejected by a number of
> parties, mostly because it was represented to the media as an
> agreement of all parties, yet many hadn't heard of it at all, until
> afterwards. This was at the same time that an actual collaborative
> effort to do the same sort of thing was talked about.
> Basically, the objection was that some people had made this
> declaration, and presented it to the press on behalf of everyone,
> without the consultation of everyone. Which hardly reflected the party
> ideals of transparency and democracy. I have to also say I was one of
> those that objected (in my position then as head of the US party). It
> wasn't the content, it was the way the whole thing was done - I was
> 100% available online (IM, skype, IRC, email) throughout the entire
> event, and didn't even hear a peep until a journalist contacted me
> about it 2 days later.
> Andrew
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