[pp.int.general] PPI congress - meeting

JaRrr jarrr at pirateparty.be
Wed Aug 5 10:43:42 CEST 2009

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> If we want the next meeting to be more than just a social event, I guess 
> we need proper and extensive preparation.

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> For a fruitful discussion on such topics, I believe *advance* preparation 
> is needed. Someone should sit down and write a "position paper", something 
> that people can agree or disagree on, but which should help to provide 
> clarity. Needless to say, thius is a lot of work. But is should be done 
> anyway - and it is infeasible at a conference tiself, if only because the 
> underlying facts and sources have to be researched. perhaps even some 
> funding is needed - not everybody can afford to spend (e.g.) a month to 
> volunteer work. (I don't say this for my own benefit - I happen to be 
> financially independent)

I entirely agree. So why not step back and leave the conference thing for 
what it is at this very time ?
We can work collaboratively on all of this online. Having red what I red and 
building upon it I now think we need :

- online collaborative (closed?) (centralised?) workspace(s). This would 
allow teams to work on projects. This would avoid the Uppsala glitch.
- a online meeting room system. voice, video, whiteboard (etc) features. 
This would enable everyone to attend (work) meetings.

Does the PPI has access to this type of infrastructure at this very time? 

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