[pp.int.general] The United Kingdom Party is Officially Recognised

Rodrigo Rodrigues da Silva rodrigopitanga at gmail.com
Wed Aug 12 20:06:55 CEST 2009

Congratulations from the Brazilian Pirate Party, which is not official

In a huge country like Brazil, with strict electoral laws when it comes to
founding a new party, we need 'only' 500,000 signatures to get the party
officially registered.

Rodrigo Rodrigues da Silva
FSF Associate Member #7788

2009/8/10 Andrew Robinson <a.robinson at pirateparty.org.uk>

> We've been holding back on announcing the good news, as we needed a
> little time to get our membership and donation systems running, as
> well as beta testing new website and sorting out the formalities of
> registration to hold personal data on members under our local data
> protection law, but...
> As of the 30th July, the Pirate Party UK has been officially added to
> the register of political parties in the United Kingdom.
> This means we can have Pirate Party candidates standing at the next
> General Election (although there is more paperwork to complete before
> we can contest seats in Northern Ireland). We now have a huge task
> ahead of us, as we try to grow the party as quickly as possible. The
> election is less that a year away, to fight it properly, we would need
> to find 646 candidates, each requiring a £500 deposit to get their
> names on the ballot paper, and of course that doesn't include any
> budget for advertising and campaigning!
> See
> http://registers.electoralcommission.org.uk/regulatory-issues/regpoliticalparties.cfm?frmGB=1&frmPartyID=900&frmType=partydetail
> for confirmation.
> - Andrew Robinson
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Rodrigo Rodrigues da Silva
FSF Associate Member #7788
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