[pp.int.general] German Pirates on 11%

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according to Prof. Dr. Kruse from http://www.nextpractice.de/en/home/ (the german marketing and network pope) the complexity of our society is growing so fast that the institutes are having more and more problems to make representativ and correct exit polls.

In germany the political forecasts are getting more and more out of control and the elections are not that easy to predict anymore.

I´m happy when we get about 0,5%, than we will get some reimbursement of our promotional costs.

We have plenty of time and still need to work hard on our internal structure. I have the feeling that most pirates are not aware that we are the first transnational Party and that we have and want to integrate the collective intelligence of joined-up networks. To make this part of the political process. 

We need a strong Manifest and transnational identity , a perfect social groupware (stop emailing! Look at this video http://www.scope09.de/interview-luis-suarez/) and tools to gain political influence like the online petition and other...

I think that is at the moment more important than any election. Maybe the PP will end in informational noise, if we fail to integrate a meta-concept.
If we do it right, we will have plenty of time to evolve...

Greetings from Bremen/Germany

Olaf Clausing

> Betreff: Re: [pp.int.general] German Pirates on 11%
> Rick Falkvinge (Piratpartiet) wrote:
> > In our experience, the offline polls are surprisingly (and
> > disappointingly) :) correct.
> >   
> If so the statistical institutes in sweden are much more advanced than
> those in germany..
> Last time during Bundestag-election a popular show on a private TV
> channel did a poll. They allowed everyone, including those without
> voting rights, to vote. And everyone had the option to vote as often as
> he liked.
> It was ment as entertainment and a joke. It was anything but
> representative. So they thought...
> Surprisingly this TV-show had results *much* better than all of our
> "official" polls done by respectable institutes.And we're not speaking
> about tenth of a percent here..

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