[pp.int.general] Immediate action required!

coretx coretx at piratenpartij.nl
Thu Aug 20 16:20:31 CEST 2009

Update, Liebrand is out of office.
I have left my phone number @ his secretary.  ( +31 ( 0 ) 30 234 66 00  
is where you can reach Liebrand. )

I suggest others try to do exactly the same thing.

Also, tell him politely that he is a idiot. And that it is better for  
his repution, if he removes the article.
The professor does not even know the difference between copyright  
infringement & Piracy !
Don't talk about stuff, you don't know anything about. A prof. should  
know !
Also, PP enlists 35 country's not 33.
I gues he did not even talk to a pirate!

The worst thing of all is the fact that he makes people think that we  
are against  improving access to knowledge, information and data.

On Aug 20, 2009, at 3:59 PM, coretx wrote:

>> https://portaal.neth-er.eu/contenttypes/Artikelen/Artikel2452.aspx?Source=http%3A%2F%2Fportaal.neth-er.eu%2FDutch%2FPages%2Fdefault.aspx
> A high profile pirate needs to do a quick respons.
> I'll paste the content below;
> The strange thing with pirates is that they quite often are proud to  
> be a pirate. Chances are pretty low that you meet a person saying:  
> “Hi I’m a criminal, just robbed another person”. Pirates, on the  
> other hand, give interviews about the benefits of hijacking ships in  
> the Gulf of Aden, or the benefits of free use of copyrighted  
> material on the Internet. More explicit: yes the sharing of  
> copyrighted material without paying royalties is called Internet  
> piracy, and these Internet Pirates are proud to be a pirate. They  
> even participated in the 2009 European Parliament (EP) elections in  
> Sweden and got more than 7% of all Swedish votes, making it thereby  
> the third largest political party. Pirate Parties now exist in 33  
> countries.
> The question that arises now is: should SURF become a member of the  
> Pirate Party? After all, the Dutch Higher Education sector has  
> declared 2009 to be ‘Open Access Year’. And doesn’t that mean Free  
> Access to all digital information? WRONG.
> There are a lot of misunderstandings about Open Access and  
> copyright. It is essential to realize that the author, the  
> intellectual creator, is the holder of the copyright. He or she has  
> several options to deal with that copyright. From complete transfer  
> of copyright to a publisher, to licenses that do not require the  
> exclusive transfer of all rights. See copyrighttoolbox.surf.nl.  
> Copyright therefore plays an important role in the creation,  
> distribution, and re-use of material in the context of higher  
> education and scientific/scholarly research.
> In declaring 2009 the year of Open Access, we try to improve access  
> to knowledge, information and data. The central idea is that the  
> results of publicly financed research should also be available to  
> the public. That doesn’t imply that everything is available at no  
> costs. Even if the ‘Open Access’ model were to be applied globally,  
> somebody has to pay the bill for increased access to digital  
> information. So, SURF will NOT become a member of a Pirate Party.
> by Wim Liebrand, director SURFfoundation (SURF)
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