[pp.int.general] Pirate Party International (PPI) coreteam founded

Patrick Maechler v/o Valio pirate at valio.ch
Fri Aug 21 01:18:02 CEST 2009

* Announcement for immediate release *

* Pirate Party International (PPI) coreteam founded *

We are happy to announce that in succession of PPI coordinator Andrew
Norton we founded a team of 6 persons called "PPI coreteam". Those 6
people are namely

Samir Allioui         / Coretx from PP-NL (co-presidency)
Patrick Mächler       / Valio from PP-CH (co-presidency)
Laurent Le Besnerais  / Cwicket from PP-FR
Ralph Hinterleitner   / Pertain from PP-DE and from PP-AT
Thilo Schumann        / Pingu from PP-DE
David Xanatos         / DavidXanatos from PP-AT

As a sidenote: We are currently looking to support our team by a spanish
and a portuguese speaking person. Please contact us in case of interest.

On August 18th we organized an IRC meeting to discuss the organization
of the team and the immediate tasks we want to tackle (decision summary
Once the coreteam has finished laying down an improved foundation and
infrastructure of a strong and firm PPI, we would like to see one member
of each party having the same democratic rights in defining the lead of
PPI. Until that time, we will avoid speaking out political issues, and
focus on infrastructure, collaboration and the sharing of resources.
We look forward to the future of our international ship and hope to find
good support in our crew, namely all pirate party members around the
globe. :)

with pirately greetings
Coretx & Valio


Decision summary from IRC meeting on August 18th

In the channel, interested in joining the coreteam were
* coretx       PP-NL chairman
* cwicket      PP-FR member
* davidxanatos PP-AT member
* pertain      PP-DE and PP-AT member
* pingu        PP-DE member
* valio        PP-CH member


1) we will take over PPI coordination as a team of 6 persons for the
time being.
2) this team has a co-presidency consisting of Valio and Coretx
3) decisions should be made within the team if possible
4) the co-presidents can decide in urgent cases on their own
5) we see some tasks as urgent and split the work up in groups as listed
6) we will meet every thursday at 20:00 GMT+1 in a private channel on
the pirateweb IRC network.
7) meeting at the first thursday in a month are mandatory for all
members of the coreteam


1) Valio will write a protocoll and send it to everyone of the coreteam
by mail
2) to start off, we will stick with English only communication to reduce
3) Coretx will ask Rick Falkvinge for a closed coreteam ML
4) Cwicket, Pertain and Pingu will further coordinate their work for the
assigned tasks
5) XMPP/Jabber is the official method for instant messages inbetween
coreteam members
6) The next meeting will be on thursday, 27th August 2009
7) coretx and valio will write and publish an announcement on the PPI ML
and the PPI Forum
8) All used software must be free as in free speech and multilingual
9) We will search for a spanish & portuguese speaking pirate for


coretx & valio
- answering inquieres
- making press releasesWir sind erfreut anzulünden
- juristic stuff, inner structure and foundation
- gatherings/conferences

cwicket, pertain & pingu
- coordinate across parties (also help building up parties)
- CRM & Ticketing
- maintain and actualise content on PPI.net
- managing translation team

- actualizing software on PPI.net
- coordinate server, hosting and so onh


* PPBE & PPNL are planning a conference in Brussels
* PPNL has arranged Asterisk/VOIP services ( to be attached to CRM by LDAP )
* PPSE has arranged a ticketing system

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