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If global warning is merely a conspiracy to boost the shareholder value of General Electric and other commercial firms, a thorough patent reform will remove their incentive to "sell" us a climate problem, or at least: to sell us a bad conscence because allegedly we created the problems as humans ourselves.

In sum, if PP is really successful, and abolishes the patent system, perhaps the climate problem will suddenly disappear (or at least the public debate on it).

A more serious comment to be made is that insiders (I am not) believe that the present sense of urgence on the climate problem could catalyse patent reform. This is the agio old "Verelendung": hope (and perhaps help) that a problem grows and becomes ever more fightening: then eveybody will be prepared to ACT.


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You don't even need to consider whether Global Warming is a reality or
not to appreciate that removing Patents will increase the spread of
knowledge throughout the world and speed up the development of
developing countries.
Whether this increase in developmentspeed saves the world through
stopping Global Warming or just makes a fairer marketplace and helps the
poor get a foot through the door, I don't know, but I consider the
second benefit enough to warrant the action.
That we can ride on the current wave of climate concern is just an
opportunity. It doesn't matter if the concern is true or not, the end
goal is still valuable enough to try and obtain.

In other words, we don't need to take a stance on Global Warming, we can
just say that IF Global Warming is real, then this is one way to help
fix it.

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