[pp.int.general] patent reform proposal

Ole Husgaard pirat at sparre.dk
Wed Jul 1 03:41:43 CEST 2009

Reinier Bakels skrev:
> Critical recommendations by Bruno van Pottelsberghe, former chief economist at EPO: http://www.bruegel.org/uploads/tx_btbbreugel/patents_BP_050609.pdf
> Axel Horns suggests that Pirate Parties follow up on this paper "rather than make futile proposals for patent abolition".
> reinier

He has some interesting critique of the patent system, but: This will
_never_ be a policy I would advocate. His basic presumption is that
patents are good, and I completely disagree. I want patents _completely_
abolished, not just repaired a bit like he advocates.

I didn't always want patents completely abolished. Until about 10 years
ago I didn't know much about the subject, but then I started looking
into software patents because I saw them as a threat. Then I started
looking into other areas of patents, and saw major problems in all
areas. Finally I started looking into patent history, and saw how patent
systems evolved, how they always expanded, and how they had affected
industrial development in the past.

About four years ago, after having studied patents in my spare time for
about six years, I knew I could come to no other conclusion, and had to
change my viewpoint that some patents could be good. The patent system
is corrupt, and constantly expanding itself (using the kind of good
intentions that the road to hell is paved with). Even if we cut down the
patent system to 1-2 patents granted worldwide each year, it will only
be a matter of time until we again are stuck in the mess we have today.

Patents slow down the development of science. They slow down the
development of industry. They create cartels that would be impossible
without patents, as illegal cartel agreements would be needed to keep
the cartel members in line if there were no patents. They are expensive,
and an obstacle to fast and continuous innovation.

Personally I cannot accept patents in any form. And (fortunately, I
think) the political principles of PP.dk call for patents to be
completely abolished.

Best Regards,

Ole Husgaard.

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