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I afraid Aftonbladet does not have a English page and they also block Google
translate from translating from there URL so you have to cut and paste the
translation, but it is not so bad:

"Pirate Party's success should go for export.

Already there are lot in around 20 countries. Now expected a rapid influx

- Will it over a certain threshold, it can go crazy fast, "says Henrik
Alexandersson, liberal bloggers in Brussels.

Swedish Pirate Party's success raises startling in Europe. The attention
that can help the party to seriously establish itself worldwide.
Meet frequently

Except in Europe are party already in North America, Australia and South

The ambition to spread Piratpartiet over the world is very pronounced. All
pirate parties in Europe to meet once every six months. Latest in Uppsala
last year agreed on a common approach, known as the Uppsala Declaration.

- I have met Rickard Falk Vinge and Christian Engström many times, "says
Jens Seipenbusch, vice-president of Germany's pirate party.

A common e-mail list of all the parties facilitates the exchanges of views.
Hope for change

For the Swedish Pirate Party's website, anyone can download logos and other
information to start a web page in the party's name. All it takes is one or
more dedicated people who spend a little time.

- Activists who believe that freedom issues are important are in many
countries, "says Henrik Alexandersson, a member of Piratpartiet. The
election result could be the boost to get them to gather their forces. I am
absolutely convinced that Piratpartiet now occurs in several new countries.

The goal is that parties should ride in the Swedish success wave and stand
in elections and in the next European Parliament elections.

- An absolute ambition is to us after the next election could create a
Pirate Group in the European Parliament, "says Alex Andersson.

The German Piratpartiet got only 0.9 percent of the votes in European
elections, but see it anyway as a success.

- We have not been as successful reaching out in the media as our Swedish
colleagues, "says Jens Seipenbusch. I hope there can be change at the
moment. That there is a Swedish piratpartist in Brussels means a lot of
movement in all countries. We are not bound by national borders."

- Nicolas

On Wed, Jul 1, 2009 at 10:39 AM, Jens Seipenbusch <seipenbusch at web.de>wrote:

> Hi,
> some days ago, Aftonbladet made a short article about the german
> pirates, is there maybe an english version of it somewhere on the site?
> http://www.aftonbladet.se/nyheter/article5344912.ab
> regards,
> Jens
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