[pp.int.general] Pirate Parties and Democracy/Freedom of Speech

Kai Mast kai.mast at freakybytes.org
Sat Jul 4 12:36:40 CEST 2009

Am Samstag, den 04.07.2009, 19:17 +0900 schrieb Ilya Kravtsov:
> we have a major discourse now about the
> proposal to add another "pillar" to these three, namely the demand of
> democracy and free speech. As you know, the situation with these is
> pretty
> bad in Russia, but the real question is whether they should be
> included in
> the issues of a Pirate Party.

Of course this topic suits to a Pirate Party. Here in Germany censorship
is one of our biggest topics at the moment because the government has
established a internet filter 2 weeks ago.

In general I think that Pirate Parties represent defenders of human
rights and a democratic system. 

Kai Mast (www.freakybytes.org)

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