[pp.int.general] Pirate Parties and Democracy/Freedom of Speech

Richard Stallman rms at gnu.org
Sun Jul 5 02:05:43 CEST 2009

    I'd like to recall you that both access to culture AND intelectual
    property are human rights, which makes it a complicated subject.

If you are talking about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights,
I don't think that is true.

The UDHR does not say anything about "intellectual property".  It says
something about benefiting from writings and inventions, but that text
does not require copyright law as such, and it does not require patent
law as such.

"Intellectual property" includes many other laws besides copyright and
patent law, which concern other issues that the UDHR says nothing
about.  To use that term to describe what the UDHR says is more wrong
than right.

There is also the point that our idea of human rights does not
have to follow someone else's document.

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