[pp.int.general] contact with brasilian journalist (for brasilians)

Glenn Kerbein glenn.kerbein at pirate-party.us
Thu Jul 9 19:54:22 CEST 2009

Dear PP heads,
	Cyrus Farivar from the BBC, as part of PRI's The World, contacted me
regarding the international efforts of the Pirate Parties. I spoke to
him last Thursday regarding our efforts. It is my understanding that he
also spoke to Roderick of PPAU and Andrew of PPI. Should anyone not have
been contacted, I strongly suggest that you email him: cfarivar at cfarivar.org

Amelia Andersdotter wrote:
> Could a member of the bazilian prate party make contact with this reporter:
> Cinita Borsato:
> Repórter da Revista Veja - Editoria de Negócios (11) 3037-6117 /
> 8103-9539 Cintia Borsato <Cintia.Borsato at abril.com.br> wrote:
> shes making a piece on the pirate party.

Glenn "Channel6" Kerbein
United States Pirate Party
"Burn, Hollywood, Burn"

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