[pp.int.general] Guidelines for creating a Pirate Party.

loikva enrique at errea.es
Fri Jul 10 07:56:49 CEST 2009


Actually it's quite simple to form a political party in Spain. You just 

    * at least three founders
    * a party's Statute which observes the Spanish Political Parties
      Law's standards, which are, e.g. (though not only these)
          o rejecting terrorism
          o observing the rule of law (even, or rather specially, when
            willing to change the law)
          o a list of party's goals
          o mechanisms of internal democracy, where National Assembly of
            party members has to be the supreme body of the party
          o a disciplinary inner rule for the party
          o etc
    * once approved by the founders and chosen the provisional officers,
      getting the Statute to a civil law notary to be signed
    * and finally, bring the Statute signed by a notary to the Ministry
      of Interior's Political Parties Registry

It's pretty easy to get three people together (PIRATA had 8 founders) 
with same ideology, and make them pass a Statute. So the difficult issue 
in Spain is not to create a party, but to make it grow.



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