[pp.int.general] Rather Off-Topic: European Universities

Kai Mast kai.mast at freakybytes.org
Fri Jul 10 19:52:14 CEST 2009

Hey Guys,

this isn't really a topic that has something to do with the PPI. But I
thought as a lot of you have either gone or are going to university I
may find some infos here.

I am 18 years old living in Germany and am about to get my A Level in
less then a year. Im planning on studying computer science, mechanics or
a combination of these topics.

As I'd like to see the world my question is in which of the (European)
countries you live in do English universities or courses exists?
I want to learn a foreign language but I don't think im capable of
studying in a language else than English and German.

Would be nice to get some infos here.

Kai Mast (www.freakybytes.org)

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