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Most of us had the feeling something was wrong in their country politic cla=
ss, but did not knew what to do. The fight for civil liberties, change in t=
he copyright legislation and privacy was truly mostly the NGO field, with m=
any small groups fighting for the same objective. The Swedish PP set the ex=
ample on how can we take the fight on another level, and some of us acted s=
ince a couple of years ago. Maybe the PPI has not evolved into what should =
be, but the steps taken until now are more than honorable. Some of you took=
 it personal when it was said that a PP should target its voters, but we al=
l must understand that the pirates as a political movement are more that ju=
st their ideals. We have stepped into a dogs world and we should follow som=
e rules before bringing down the establishment. <br>
The Swedish PP and the German PP has shown the way. I would appreciate more=
 technical details and even help from them, for the parties already establi=
shed or just starting. Their experience is invaluable for us. What they wil=
l do with the knowledge aquired ... (to be completed by them :) )<br>
For the PPI to exist, the wiki will also be a extraordinary help, and real =
links between members of the parties will aid more. <br>Let&#39;s take Roma=
nia example: for every news article about Swedish PP and German PP we win m=
ore members. So they are helping us without doing much. (As a sidenote: all=
 pirate making declarations to the press, please transmit throug the report=
er the call for people to join their national PP&#39;s. It helps alot.) Of =
course, at some point we will finish the legal proceedings and register as =
a party. Then, the biggest help we could get then will be a visit here form=
 some proeminent members of other parties. The same could work for other pa=
<br>From Romania,<br>Cristian<br>


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