[pp.int.general] Fwd: <nettime> Richard Stallman: How the Swedish Pirate Party Platform Backfires on Free Software

Pasi Palmulehto scoffer at kofeiini.riippuvuus.net
Thu Jul 30 09:57:23 CEST 2009

> I like it as well but it feels very problematic. It couldn't be forced
>     only for commercial software
> Yes it could.

It would need to be almost world wide solution since it's always easy to
boycott some countries. Also forcing just doesn't feel comfortable, if
such databank would be formed, it should be encouraged with benefits,
not with penalties. For example open source would always have 10 years
of protection, proprietary code would have 5 years and if the code is
published, it would get the same 10 years total. (This fits finnish
plan, we have told we want to shorten commercial copyright to 5-10

Law should not prefer licenses over others but better ability to reuse
the code by it being open, could be encouraged.

> 				 and I really don't want every software
>     developer to be obligated to register their software..
> Not all software developers, just developers of proprietary software,
> or maybe just commercial developers of proprietary software.
> What they are doing is antisocial anyway, so they can't claim
> their rights are being violated by such a requirement.

I think databank, if formed, should be for every license. This is
because it would prevent also loss of open code that nobody develops or
shares anymore.

One though that just came into my mind.. proprietary code opening after
5 years could bring out serious security bugs that danger using the
software. If the software isn't developed anymore and it's on large
scale of use, it practically should be abandoned if no outsider is
interested to make a bugfix.

Pasi "Scoffa" Palmulehto
Leader of Finnish Pirate Party

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