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Wed Jul 1 14:51:58 CEST 2009

music, he'll be prosecuted.

> It's our right to do
> so. And yes, if you record your music in a studio it can be costly,
> but that doesn't change the fact. And I also think that if artists
> don't want their music to be shared, they shouldn't put it in the
> tubes.

If you are not strong enough, to protect your work, I just take it away.
Is that the pirate way? I thought pirates would respect other's wishes -
unless they'd got harmed by respecting them.

> Music existed before the industry and it will exist after it.
> Their failed business model is not my problem. They should adapt to
> the new technologies. Ice sellers could have protested all they wanted
> when refrigerators started to appear.

So from your point of view it is fair and right to consume music, just
because the creators cannot protect it?


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