[pp.int.general] EUparl status

Mårten Fjällström marten.fjallstrom at piratpartiet.se
Tue Mar 17 23:28:12 CET 2009

Sweden short-version:
Ballots are ordered, 5 millions of them.
Leaflets and posters are printed and distributed this week.
Our campaign will start big on 4th of april.

And there are lots of people joining (more members then both the greens  
and the left party now - with thanks to Roswall, the TPB prosecutor) and  
tons of stuff to do. Fun, exhausting, times.

/Mårten Fjällström
Party secretary PPSE

On Mon, 09 Mar 2009 20:00:05 +0100, Andrew Norton  
<andrew.norton at pirate-party.us> wrote:

> Ok, a week into march, we've got 3 months to go, and who's where.
> If any parties are having problems, LET ME KNOW. better yet, let us ALL  
> know - because no-one can help if we don't know.
> Seriously, you think we can't help, but we all have different  
> experiences, and might have some different suggestions on solving  
> problems. After all, what have you got to lose?
> And if you don't want to say it on the list, then at least come find me  
> and talk to me. now, even when I'm away i'll be reachable - i've just  
> set up so i can use MSN and yahoo on my phone - ktetch at cableinet.co.uk  
> for MSN/live messenger, and ktetch for yahoo
> Our plan of two years ago, 19-from-5, might be in tatters, but lets try  
> and make the best showing we can, eh?
> Andrew
> PPI coordinator
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