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Glenn Kerbein glenn.kerbein at pirate-party.us
Mon Mar 30 04:59:49 CEST 2009

Dear fellow pirates,
	I am currently in the middle of reading a fascinating book centering
around the principle of privacy. "Little Brother," as it is titled,
authored by copyleftist Cory Doctorow, is a necessary read. Not only
does it cover anything any everything from free (sadly, in both senses
of the word) software, privacy, and various action groups and non
profits (EFF and ACLU were both mentioned within the same chapter).
Often, and through Doctorow's gift of simplistic, layman's, writing, the
fundamental issues regarding proactive, invasive, surveilannce, but also
a subliminal practicality of doing so.
	TOR, Xnet (a fictitious software amalgamation of what I assume to be
kismet, Firefox, and freenet/tor), and a slew of other essential tools
for political outsiders (for lack of a better work, dissident seems
apropos of nothing in this case) get thier mention. What really popped
out was this section:
  I used the Xnet for almost everything now. I'd set up a fake
really hard to take any given giant number and figure out which
email address through the Pirate Party, a Swedish political party
primes multiply together to give you that number.
that hated Internet surveillance and promised to keep their mail
accounts a secret from everyone, even the cops. I accessed it
That means that if you can come up with a way of scrambling
strictly via Xnet, hopping from one neighbor's Internet connection to
the next, staying anonymous ­­ I hoped ­­ all the way to
Sweden. I wasn't using w1n5ton anymore. If Benson could figure
it out, anyone could. My new handle, come up with on the spur of
the moment, was M1k3y, and I got a lot of email from people who
heard in chat rooms and message boards that I could help them
troubleshoot their Xnet configurations and connections.
	It appears that the Swedes take the spotlight again, albeit within
proper context, as it was, AFAIK, true that the PPSE had run a
spam/temporary email service. (My rant about PPSE v. PPUS et al.
synonymity is irrelevant right now) I think it would be apt to have a
joint, or at least similar, release or writeup about this.

P.S.: It would behoove you to Goggle "little brother + ebook". Don't
worry about copyright infringement, as the literature itself is under a

Glenn "Channel6" Kerbein
Pirate Party of the United States
"Burn, Hollywood, Burn"

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