[pp.int.general] pirate-party.eu is about to expire

vali2009 at validom.de vali2009 at validom.de
Wed Oct 7 21:11:11 CEST 2009

If you let me know from which time the domain is going to be registerable i could register it. Using an official account of the pirate party germany chapter Bavaria. 

I would point the domain to the ppi website. Transfer to another pirate organisation is guaranteed as soon as required.

(second chairman pirates bavaria)
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Betreff: [pp.int.general] pirate-party.eu is about to expire
Gesendet: 7. Okt. 2009 21:11

I just wanted to notify you that the domain pirate-party.eu has been
deleted by the owner and will be free to register by tomorrow. The
domain (like pirateparty.eu which I registered some time ago) was never
actively used by anyone and since no european pirate party has been
founded yet, I wonder if we are going to need that domain someday.

We better decide quickly since - from my experience - domain grabbers
are always keen on grabbing pirate related domains. (e.g.
piratenpartei-deutschland.de is owned by one of them because some
people let it expire)

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