[pp.int.general] Clarification about the SPP event

Patrick Mächler patrick.maechler at pp-international.net
Mon Oct 12 19:16:40 CEST 2009

Dear pirates,

Recently there was an announcement spread about an international
meeting organized by the Slovak Pirate Party. This might have stirred
some confusion amongst some of you. In this press release we wanted to
clarify what it was all about.

The Slovak Pirate Party (SPP) is currently in the process of
officially forming and registering. This process is somewhat
complicated and a proactive member was concerned about the long delays
involved; therefore, he decided to spread the word about the intended
event on his own.

The "international meeting of SPP" is meant as a first official
meeting of the SPP and Rick Falkvinge, as founder of the Pirate Party
movement and the Swedish PP, was invited.
Pirates from all over the world are warmly welcomed to support the SPP
in the media. The PPI coreteam fully supports SPP and will keep all of
you updated by announcement. If you want first hand information, don't
hesitate to visit the SPP website on www.piratskastrana.sk

with pirately greetings from SPP and PPI

Angelo Verona, co-founder and representative of SPP
Patrick Mächler, co-president PPI

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