[pp.int.general] vodo.net - a new distribution mechanism for creators

jamie king jamie at jamie.com
Thu Oct 15 11:09:20 CEST 2009

Hey All,

You might be interested in the VODO project, which launched a couple
of days ago.


It's a coalition of P2P and filesharing sites to harness the power of
filesharing as a distribution system for filmmakers. We distributed
the documentary US NOW through a series of coalition partners
including Mininova, Isohunt, Frostwire, Plube, OneDDL, TorrentReactor,
TorrentFreak and others. The response has been overwhelmingly
positive. We collect donations for our creators and we are building a
series of revenue models for them in the coming year around the
free-to-share model.

As a non party-political proponent of the filesharing movement (I was
also one of the people involved in STEAL THIS FILM), I would encourage
you to include positive formulations like VODO in your thinking and
your work. We have started the VODO project because we know the
benefits P2P distribution can and will have for creators and we want
to communicate and offer those benefits far and wide.

You can find out much more at VODO.NET or drop us a line any time:
info at vodo.net.


Founder, VODO

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