[pp.int.general] Greens/EFA and Swedish Pirate Party call on EU Parliament to stick to its principles

Ole Husgaard pirat at sparre.dk
Sat Oct 17 00:34:43 CEST 2009

Mårten Fjällström skrev:
> We did send it in the lovely mix of swedish and english that I
> forwarded. I have no other versions.
We did not send out a press release because of this. But I sent a mail
to a few select journalists in Denmark who I know read swedish.

I even told that they might get an opposing viewpoint by contacting
danish MEP Bendt Bendtsen who is also part of the delegation. Of course
I also gave counter-arguments to to arguments he would be most likely to
present, if interviewed.

This is a good way to build relations with media. For a story like this
where we know only a few media might report, a few personal mails to
select media that might report make them feel preferred. And by telling
how to get some controversy into the story, you tell them how they can
write a good-selling story.

Best Regards,

Ole Husgaard.

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