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Sorry for the delay, I know I promised that this statement would be
ready Thursday at the latest, but I just finalized a rehousing. Either
way, without further ado, the statement that was send to our members and
followers on our of general maillinglist.

In a response to the numerous questions that we have received, I would
like to take this opportunity to make the follow statement.

Lead by the former board, the Dutch Pirate Party has managed to make the
jump from 30 die-hards in March to 10471 votes in the Dutch general
election of June 9th. This 300-fold increase in merely three months
would not have been possible without personal sacrifice and exceptional
talent. However, the board themselves had expressed doubts about their
ability to function effectively in the lead-up to the next elections.
They announced that they were planning to step aside. At the behest of
the president and vice-president, the board was going to hold off
stepping down until that time that a new version of the statutes would
be presented.

A presentation was scheduled for the next meeting, July 18th. This
meeting got rescheduled to the 25th. During this meeting it became clear
that the there were no new statutes to be presented and that a written
proposal was not available either. The member council then discussed on
how to proceed. As a result of this discussion the Board was then asked
to not delay the resigning process and make way for a new fully
functioning board, which the member council saw as a more pressing
matter than immediate need for revised statutes.

In an earlier meeting the member council and several members of the
Board had already concluded that the board had been to passive at
various critical moments and failed to show leadership.

After the board was relieved from its duties by the member council, it
installed an ad-interim board. Wesley Schwengle, chairman, Arjen Halma,
treasurer and Dirk Poot, secretary. The new interim board will take over
all responsibilities, until a new board is elected at a general member
meeting (Algemene Ledenvergadering - ALV).

During the campaign, a huge number of talented members have worked
together, with a lot of enthusiasm and case knowledge. An ALV will be
held somewhere between October and December of this year. Members can
nominate themselves for positions in the board and member council and
will be elected at the ALV.

Besides organizing an ALV, the new board will also invest in setting up
local chapters and will continue the battle for a free information
society, copyright and patent-law reforms and a transparent government.
Everyone is welcome on our forums, irc-channel and on our meetings to
think of ways to fight our battles and promote our viewpoints.

On half of the board,
Wesley Schwengle

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