[pp.int.general] Spanish Article about Julian Assange

Mårten Fjällström marten.fjallstrom at piratpartiet.se
Fri Aug 27 12:00:13 CEST 2010

The short version is that he was accused of rape on friday night, those 
charges were dropped on saturday and on wednesday the case boiled down 
to harassment.

As far as I understand the prosecutor that ordered him arrested for rape 
followed standard procedure: there appeared to be enough evidence for 
arrest and questioning on friday night, and following more questioning 
of the accusors, there later appeared not to be, so the arrest warrant 
was canceled (arrest warrants are in Sweden issued by a prosecutor, 
unless there is crime in progress or such, then the police can arrest 
first and get it confirmed later by prosecutor). Leaking it to the press 
was a violation of the secrecy of an ongoing investigation, but 
according to swedish whistle-blower laws, government agencies may not 
try to find leaks. Printing the accusation was questionable (as any 
reporter should have known that it might be canceled) and has caused a 
media ethics debate.

Piratpartiet issued a press release saturday morning stating that the 
case does not affect our cooperation with wikileaks, we do not know 
anything about the case and would like to caution against needless 
speculation. The trial proceedings should settle most questions anyhow.

Mårten Fjällström
Party Secretary PPSE

Partido Pirata Argentino wrote:
> In the Argentine newspaper Página 12, the poet and journalist Juan
> Gelman writes an article on Julian Assange and what happened with the
> allegations he made in Sweden
> http://www.pagina12.com.ar/diario/contratapa/13-152003-2010-08-26.html
> Greetings
> Eduardo
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