[pp.int.general] Tomas Pogge in Argentina and the war between Clarin Group and the government

Partido Pirata Argentino ppirataargentino at gmail.com
Sun Aug 29 18:21:48 CEST 2010

Tomas Pogge was in Buenos Aires, he talk about a plan to plan to
produce medicinal remedies against diseases of the poor people (like
Dengue , Chagas disease , Malaria and ohters).

He talked about patents and that the remedies for such diseases are
not interested in large laboratories because the poor can not afford
and the states do not provide.

Here is an article in Argentina´s paper:


(in spanish)

And, another battle between the government and the Clarin Group is
with a monopoly that produces newsprint in Argentina. The companie
"Papel Prensa" is a monopoly of the Clarin Group and the La Nacion
Group both multimedia groups, the have , papers, jornals, radio
station, tv, cable television and in the case of Clarin internet
provider and others bussines.

But  if you want to buy newsprint now Clarin and La Nación may not
want to sell to you, so you have to import....and this happened on
several occasions..

The goverrnment sendt to the National Congress a  project to declare
the press and public interest role...

we do not believe any of the two sides ..

sorry for my English


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