[pp.int.general] Information request - danish election hinders for ppdk

Mårten Fjällström marten.fjallstrom at piratpartiet.se
Tue Aug 31 21:33:07 CEST 2010

Hi all,
if I remember correctly PPDK does not meet the criterias to run in 
danish elections, which depended much on some absurdly hard criterias. 
Think that it has been mentioned on this list but can not find it. Could 
anyone refresh me as to what the hinders were?

There is a rather silly spat right now with danish politicians wanting 
to send election observers to Sweden. However this also means that some 
danish journalists call me, so if I get a short list I will mention them 
if danish journalists call again. Maybe it can get some danish attention 
to faults in the danish system.

Mårten Fjällström

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