[pp.int.general] counterfeit product and "pirate" product

Rodrigo Pereira rodripe at gmail.com
Fri Jun 4 08:46:43 CEST 2010

In Brazil have 2 cases of people arrested by piracy on the streets. If you
walk on são paulo streets, you see hundreds of people working on this job.
Copyright infringement is a crime.  But trademarks and patents infringements
are only infringements of civil law and people is arrested by counterfeiting
because they "infringe the copyright law" using bad interpretations of
criminal law. On practice this is used against poor people (like many of our
laws). Poor people do not have manufactures to counterfeiting goods or
violate patents and trademarks. And against people that do not have suitable

In my point of view this is unconstitutional because Brazilian's
constitution deny prison by debt. And this case is a debt of copyright. We
have a difficult IP culture too. "Copyright" is translated by "Author's
Rights" in Portuguese and this confuses the commercial value of copyright
with the "moral value" of the authors' attribution. This confuses the mind
of policeman more than the low salary.
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